About Us

GSI Diversified, Inc. is an employee-owned holding company located in St. Louis, MO. We conduct business through our wholly-owned operating entities, which are mid-sized manufacturers, fabricators, and value-added distributors.

Our roots date back to Clayton Enterprises and the Duro-7 brand carburetor inlet valve. Built by several former Carter Carburetor managers, the Company specialized in carburetion and developed a number of products, which are still sold today. From Clayton Enterprises our founder and long-time President, V.F. "Buzz" Thomspon, started Tomco, Inc. in 1961. Tomco quickly grew to a national leader in the supply of fuel and emission engine products to the aftermarket automotive market. Tomco focused on organic growth in both domestic and foreign markets along with countless hours spend developing new and innovate product lines.

GSI was formed in 1998 by the merger of Tomco, SEP Gasket, and Matec Ceramics. SEP Gasket, founded in 1980, is a fabricator of high-performance engine gaskets. Matec, founded in 1992, is a manufacturer of technical ceramics.

GSI was formed to leverage the individual strengths of each company and execute a unified strategic direction. The success of this strategy is evidenced by our continued organic growth and successful acquisitions of Ace Fuel Systems, A-L-M, Automated Gasket, Clipper Tree Service, FloProducts Industries, KPL, and Top Tree Service & Nursery.

Strategy & Mission

Our strategy – a large fleet of small ships. We like niche manufacturers, fabricators, and value-added distributors with hard-to-make products, specialty materials, and engineering design.

We pride ourselves on employing St. Louis families and generating jobs in the St. Louis area.